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A bustling array of colors, tastes, and aromas is what makes Shuk Machane Yehudah one of Jerusalem’s hot spots. Amidst the excitement of this open market lie stories, personalities, and magic. A resident of the nearby historic neighborhood, Nachlaot, Chana Mason untaps hidden treasures and tales, bringing the Shuk experience to life.

Even if you’ve visited the Shuk before, with Chana, the Shuk comes alive! The vendors become real people in your eyes, their offerings burst with flavor, and the scents touch your soul. Each vendor has a story about his family’s journey to the Holy Land and how he came to open a shop in this crazy cornucopia of stalls.
Chana transports you to a world of exotic flavors steeped in Jerusalem local daily life, awakening your senses to a place you’ll not forget. She guides you through the magical labyrinth of Machane Yehudah market, opening doors to tucked away artisans, crafted cheeses, and fine spices.” C. B. New York
Many of the vendors live in Nachlaot. Across the street from the Shuk, Nachlaot is a surprisingly quiet and serene neighborhood. Every alleyway, nook, and cranny is filled with flowers, ladies offering blessings, and a mix of antique and modern architecture. Each stone whispers a story of New Jerusalem’s first settlers, of the artists and students who live here today, and the future of our city.

Meet the amazing people who have planted their feet here. Taste from their delicacies and relish in their amazing stories. Whether you are coming with a small family or a large group, we invite you to be in touch to plan an experience to remember!

At night Shuk Machane Yehudah becomes a gathering place for the young people of Jerusalem. When the sun goes down the colors, tastes and aromas change and the market transforms into one of the greatest sites of the Jerusalem nightlife.
A tour of the Shuk, with the vibrant and engaging Chana Mason, will change the way you view Jerusalem and its people in the most positive way! She introduces you to some of the best kept secrets in the maze of shops known as Machene Yehuda. Not only will you meet incredible shop owners and sample some of their food, you’ll also catch a taste of her enthusiasm for the Land of Israel that may just ignite a longing in your own heart to return! S.K. Albany, NY
We had a fantastic time on your tour. We learned a lot about the history of the area and just loved hearing the personal stories and having the chance to taste the foods. The best part, though, was your warm and personality and love for what you’re doing. The Felders, Providence, RI

Shuk Tasting Tour and Nachlaot
Extend your tasting tour to the eclectic & historic neighborhood of Nachlaot.
2 hours - 800 nis for up to 10 people; 1200 nis for up to 20
3 hours - 1200 nis for up to 10 people; 1600 nis for up to 20

Shuk Tasting Tour
Explore the Shuk's incredible tastes, smells, and stories!
2 hours - 1000 nis for up to 10 people; 1600 nis for up to 20

Health & Wellness Tour
Learn how to shop for beautiful and delicious whole food plant-based items.
2 hours - 800 nis for up to 10 people; 1200 nis for up to 20

Vegan Tour
Grab any of the above tours designed with vegan tastings!

All tours can be arranged to accommodate your dietary and kashrut needs.

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