Get an insider's peek into the sights, tastes, unique characters, 
and buzz of Jerusalem's most vibrant market!
A sprinkling of what you'll experience on our tours:
Smell & Taste
a unique collection
of herbs, spices,
and teas!
Chana will take you to her favorite spice shop, where she buys everything she needs to prepare her gourmet feasts!
Catch a Glimpse
of Jerusalem's most eclectic, historic neighborhood!
For Chana, the Shuk is not a tourist attraction, it's her super- market, as she lives right next door in funky, artsy Nachlaot 
Drink Elixers
& healing remedies from the Shuk's fountain of youth!
I bet you never knew the humble citron, the etrog fruit could heal everything from aging to infertility? Drink it to find out!
Shuk Tasting Tour
  • Explore the Shuk's incredible tastes, smells, and stories!
  • Hear the stories behind the shuk's most iconic shops.
  • ​It can be arranged to accommodate your dietary and kashrut needs.
  • ​Length: 2 hours 
  • ​Cost: Up to 10 people: 1000 NIS
  •            Up to 20 people: 1600 NIS
Shuk Historic Tour
  • Journey through the eclectic & historic neighborhood of Nachlaot.
  • Chana Mason untaps hidden treasures and tales, bringing the Shuk & Nachlaot to life.
  • Length: 2 or 3 hours
  • ​​​Cost: Up to 10 people: 800 NIS
  •            Up to 20 people: 1200 NIS
  • ​3rd Hour: 400 NIS
Culinary Workshop
  • In her Nachlaot kitchen, Chana introduces you to her favorite Middle Eastern fare. 
  • ​Prepare seasonal dishes with savory and sweet ingredients and spices you'll have explored in Shuk Machane Yehudah, Jerusalem's most exciting marketplace. 
  • Length: 4 hours
  • ​Cost: 2000 NIS for up to 10 people
What Some of Our Fans are Saying about Us:
A tour of the Shuk, with the vibrant and engaging Chana Mason, will change the way you view Jerusalem and its people in the most positive way! She introduces you to some of the best kept secrets in the maze of shops known as Machene Yehuda. Not only will you meet incredible shop owners and sample some of their food, you’ll also catch a taste of her enthusiasm for the Land of Israel that may just ignite a longing in your own heart to return! 

S.K., Albany, NY
Chana transports you to a world of exotic flavors steeped in Jerusalem local daily life, awakening your senses to a place you’ll not forget. She guides you through the magical labyrinth of Machane Yehudah market, opening doors to tucked away artisans, crafted cheeses, and fine spices.

C. B. New York
We had a fantastic time on your tour. We learned a lot about the history of the area and just loved hearing the personal stories and having the chance to taste the foods. The best part, though, was your warm and personality and love for what you're doing.

The Felders, Providence, RI
The Shuk tour was amazing! I’ve been to the shuk many times and have bought many things. I’ve never known anything about the places I’ve been, or really knew where I was buying things from. Chana makes sure to take you to the best places available, and really knows the shop owners. She’s spent time getting to know them and know what’s the tastiest! She’s found out about their lives, their stories, and how they make their food the best. I couldn’t recommend this tour enough!

Rachel Shpayer, US
Take a look into what life is like for a Jerusalem dweller! Chana shows you the ins and outs of the wonderful market that is the shuk. You feel a lot more like a local than a tourist as you sample Israeli foods and chat with the shop owners. Chana welcomes you into her life for an afternoon, truly a unique experience.

Laura Berge, US
Chana and Dave welcomed us into their home like we were close friends. Chana welcomed us into her experience with vibrancy and a deep understanding of the history and culture she had come to know and love. She was also aware of our group, and took time to be interested in our interests.

Catherine Demarais, US
Chana provided a superb tour of the Jerusalem shuk. Her commentary and knowledge made it a very memorable experience. She knew many of the vendors, which added things that I would not have otherwise been able to do. In short, the tour was a very colorful experience and was substantially enhaced by Chana. I would highly recommend it

P.W., US
For our entire family this was the highlight of our trip to Israel. Chana's knowledge, enthusiasm and love for the city coupled with her knowledge/fluency in English, Spanish and Hebrew just blew us away. First we were given a great tour of Nachlaot then she guided us to the Shuk where she knows every vendor and we got to taste delicious samples of food, buy spices, nuts, dry fruits and all sorts of gadgets and gifts to bring back home. If in Jerusalem I highly recommend not to miss this tour.

Lucy G., Miami, FL
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